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9200 S. Harlem Ave. • Bridgeview, IL 60455
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Welcome to Wilrae, Inc. - Tire Dealer & Auto Repair Shop in Bridgeview, IL

WILRAE - Auto Service & Tires Shop In Chicago

Are you looking for auto repair services in the Chicago area? You’ve stumbled upon the right place! Since 1927, we’ve maintained notoriety as one of the best auto and brake repair services in Bridgeview, IL. You can turn to us for any number of auto-related needs, including tires, suspension repair, truck kingpin repair, truck alignment and more. We are more than just wheel alignment experts; we complete all the repairs you may need for cars and trucks of all sizes. Our technicians specialize in truck repair along I-294 and are your go-to auto repair shop professionals.

How We Can Help You

No matter the model of your vehicle, we guarantee we’ll be able to service it fully. We predominantly cater to large and small trucks, as well as cars. Customers will be able to take advantage of a wide array of services from us, including truck repair, truck alignment, suspension repair and more. We carry consumer tires and commercial tires. We can even tackle semi repair for those manning larger vehicles and still in need of quality service. This means we can provide all the service you need to keep your car or truck running the way it should.

We promise we will be there with all our customers every step of the way to answer their questions and keep them up-to-date on their vehicle’s repair status. We hire only the top wheel alignment experts to tend to your car’s needs, ensuring the job is always performed professionally. Therefore, we’ve gained so much traction in truck kingpin repair. You won’t find a lot of places that specialize in truck repair on I-294. However, when you need semi repair, smaller truck repair or even car repair, you can be sure you will find the quality service and the certified, trained professionals who can handle each of your needs. We take great pride in making sure you don’t need more than one repair shop for your vehicle.

Your Auto Repair and Truck Repair Specialists

We are the specialists when it comes to car and truck repairs, regardless of what you need done. We understand how difficult it can be to find auto repair shops that can handle some of the more intricate types of semi repairs, such as truck kingpin repair. However, we can provide the repairs you need to keep you safe on the road and ensure the efficient operation of your vehicle. Whether you are looking for suspension repair, brake repair, new car or truck tires, a truck alignment or other services, you can count on us to help you keep your vehicle on the road and operating safely.

Your Wheel Alignment Experts

While some people see a poor tire alignment as a simple inconvenience, there’s more to it than that. Without proper alignment, you can create a lot of problems with other aspects of your vehicle. For instance, a bad alignment will cause uneven wear on your tires, which means you will need to replace them much sooner. Improper tire alignment can also cause other issues with your vehicle, putting stress on other components that will then require either repair or replacement. Getting an alignment on a regular basis will ensure your car or truck drives smoothly and will reduce the risk of other car repairs.

All Your Truck Needs

While we also offer car repair, our specialty is truck repair, including truck kingpin repair, truck tires, wheel alignment services, suspension repair, brake repair and more. Because we are a truck repair shop along I-294, we are conveniently located for truckers who may find they need repairs or other maintenance along the way to their destination. We take great pride in making sure your vehicle is road ready so you can drive with confidence that you will reach your destination with ease and safety.

Give Us a Call!

Whether it’s truck repair along I-294 or issues with your truck tires, we at Wilrae are dedicated to offering you only the best in auto repair service. We currently tend to customers located in Justice, Chicago, Hickory Hills, Bridgeview, Palos Hills and Oak Lawn.

We will fix your car same day!

If you’re looking for someone to work on your car, you expect them to be honest and to complete the job without issues. Unfortunately, there are many local garages that will charge you more than necessary, especially if they assume you may not know the exact problem. Don’t let another auto service fool you. At Wilrae, our goals are to deliver honest estimates and quality repairs.

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